Nali'bali establishes partnerships with other child developmental support organisations

In 2018, we looked to strengthen partnerships with organisations that support the needs of children that fall outside of our remit but are critical to children’s wellbeing. Although we established some local level partnerships with complementary organisations, we continue to largely attract partners within the education sector.

Nali’bali had the opportunity to collaborate with the following organisations in 2018:

Grow Great: the zero-stunting campaign (aims to halve the national prevalence of the stunting of children under the age of two by 2030), ordered a special print run of 9 000 supplements in Afrikaans, Sepedi, Xitsonga and isiXhosa, to distribute inside Community Health Worker starter packs and to survey participants.

In 2019, Nal’ibali will donate 2000 baby books to Grow Great, for mothers in its postnatal mom-and-baby Flourish groups. The class will focus on the importance of reading and each mom and baby will be given a book to take home.

United Nations Information Centre (UNIC): We partnered with the UNIC for a collaboration around Story Bosso, a nationwide storytelling talent search. The UNIC contributed R100 000 towards the campaign; enjoyed shared billing on campaign collateral; had a speaking slot at the media launch and distributed some of their own materials at the event. Additionally, one of their own special stories was translated and shared in one of our supplement editions.

Story Bosso

Red Cross Children’s Hospital: Nal’ibali stories are airing twice a day on the Red Cross Children’s Hospital internal radio station in Cape Town. RX Radio has scheduled a Nal’ibali slot on the last Saturday of each month for 2019 for interviews with Nal’ibali staff, volunteers and/or reading club members.

National Association of Child Care Workers (NACCW): Nali’bali distributed 29 home libraries to NACCW workers in KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga, and provided training to people who work with vulnerable children to bring reading for joy into these children. In November a meeting was held between NACCW and Nal’ibali, to explore developing a national level collaboration. Ultimately this partnership was referred to a more appropriate partner, being FunDza.

Nali’bali will continue to work with several other local organisations, such as the Hillcrest Aids Centre Trust (in KwaZulu-Natal), Pholoho Special Primary School (in Free State), Shitachi Safe Park (in Limpopo), and Vulamasango, a residential care centre for orphans in the Western Cape, in 2019.