2019 opens the book to a year of opportunities


Integration and collaboration.

We will continue to increase brand awareness of Nali’bali in our communications.


Review of resources

We will plan more frequent cost analyses of our work to help us determine the resource inputs required for priority provinces, to meet our targets.


Large partners

We will identify and initiate relationships with large-networked partners, in addition to government departments and more local NGOs, to strengthen our network and to reach more children.


Story Power in Motion

Our tuk-tuk pilot project kicks off in 2019, in three of the four priority provinces – KwaZulu-Natal, the Eastern Cape and Gauteng - plus the Western Cape.



We plan to better mine our data, for the benefit of the internal Nal’ibali team and our external network. This two-step process involves ensuring we have accurate information on the location of post offices, libraries and reading clubs and to provide improved support for our network to strengthen support and to give them access to all of our materials.


FUNda Sonke

Launch our FUNda Leader loyalty programme, FUNda Sonke.


Online training modules

Launch our online training modules, to make our training more accessible. The online training modules will also be linked to our FUNda Leader loyalty programme.


Strengthen our targeted communications

We will send out tailored messages designed to target specific. i.e. specific messages for librarians, educare practitioners, etc.


Child and data protection

Incorporate child protection and data protection policies into our sign-up process.