A closer look at the Nali'bali model through the lens of behavioural science

In August 2018, an external research consultancy, GMT+ conducted a review of Nal’ibali’s programmes through the lens of behavioural science. GMT+ made the following recommendations:

To make participants’ progress within reading clubs more visible to encourage them through the acknowledgement of their achievements amongst their peers;

Help reading clubs demonstrate their progress to their communities in order to reinforce the importance of adults reading to children and children reading for enjoyment.

Maintain regular, personal contact with FUNda Leaders after the training period, to help them feel them feel supported and connected to Nal’ibali’s mission.

Based on the above findings we began designing our child centric, “reading club journey,” which will be implemented in 2019. Each new reading club will receive a reading club starter pack as well as a number of check-in phone calls from a dedicated Nal’ibali call centre agent, to help nurture relationships between reading club leaders and the campaign.