Nali'bali creates a communication and support network amongst FUNda leaders

In 2018, we worked hard to identify “FUNda Leaders” as literacy activists and thought leaders through:

Gaining a better understanding our FUNda Leader network;

Strengthening the training programme for FUNda Leaders;

Adjusting the tone of our communications;

Hosting events for these foot soldiers.

We also implemented better support mechanisms to retain and encourage our FUNda Leaders.  

Key steps taken in 2018 towards this strategy included:

Consolidating the identity of all our reading club leaders under the FUNda Leader title

We aligned FUNda Leader sign-up with our training rollout to ensure that everyone is included on the list to receive the same support. We converted all active reading club leaders and pre-2016 network members into FUNda Leaders. This initiative led to a 66.9% increase in network members from 5 752 in 2017 to 17 387 at the end of 2018.

Adapting communication

We shifted the content and tone of our communications towards making offerings without expectation, in a more inclusive, community-orientated style. For example, by regularly directing FUNda Leaders to resources available to them via SMS, email and social media, we have seen an increase in web traffic to our site and opening of SMSs sent.

Profiling people through registration data

Through our reading club reregistration drive and the revised FUNda Leader registration forms, we have been able to update the following member data on our network:

  • ID numbers for child protection and prevention of duplicate members;
  • Profile data for members such as teacher/parent/librarian and preferred language of communication;
  • Disability status; and
  • Information on member’s reading habits and access to reading materials.

FUNda Leader events

We have taken a more strategic approach towards our FUNda Leader events and sought to position FUNda Leaders as empowered people by including them in events panels. We have also invited our FUNda Leaders to participate in research for the FUNda Sonke loyalty programme launch and encouraged them to be part of the creative planning for the mass media campaign.